Natures Treasures

SH101433CNatures Treasures Is owned and run by Nicola Carter, with help and support from husband Clive. As a family we have collected crystals and minerals for many years, to the point that our own home is all but full with many different specimens both large and small.

It was our hobby of collecting that led Nicola into starting Natures Treasures, as we have found better specimens for ourselves Nicola decided to take some of our unwanted pieces to local craft fairs and indoor markets to try to get a little bit back on them. Soon we realised there was a great deal of interest in crystals and particularly crystal healing, as Nicola was getting asked for all sorts of different pieces. At first we could only sell what we had, but after talking with a couple of friends who we had bought much of our own collection from, we soon were able to source most of the things that she had been asked for. After about eighteen months of doing markets and fairs we had accumulated so much stock it was becoming difficult to decide what to take to each event, and inevitably you always get asked for something that you had left behind.

Then Clive had a chance meeting with Judy Hall author of the world famous “Crystal Bible” and many other books on crystals and crystal healing, who inspired and energised him into taking the world of crystals to a greater personal level. Soon Nicola and Clive were invited for tea with Judy at her home, and both became inspired to open a shop.

 As we looked for a suitable location for our shop we were immediately drawn to Shaftesbury, as we both have had connections with the town for many years. After looking deeper into the spiritual side of Shaftesbury we soon realised that it sits proudly on its hilltop, but on several ley lines which connect it with many other deeply spiritual places, such as Glastonbury and of course Stonehenge and Avebury.

So it was sort of already sorted for us in a way, we soon found No 15a The High Street, which sits perfectly at the top of the High Street with a stunning view right down the middle of the town. We are very near to the top of the famous Gold Hill, known from the well loved Hovis advert from many years ago, and also we almost back on to the ruins of the old Shaftesbury Abbey. After a few hectic weeks of shop preparation and another meeting with Judy Hall we were ready to open Nature’s Treasures.

It was the 22nd of August 2009 that we opened, with Judy Hall cutting the ribbon and then staying on for a few hours to sign copies of her books, in particular The Crystal Bible two her latest book released just a couple of weeks before. We are fairly knowledgeable and can identify most crystals and minerals, but we are learning extremely fast about the healing properties of the crystals that we sell, and enjoying learning and sharing information with many of  our  regular customers.

We are currently updating our website with more information and products. Please bear with us whilst we do this. Thank you!